Teeth Whitening
Nashville, TN

Teeth whitening is an often underestimated, but extremely effective treatment for improving the way your smile looks. Whether you’ve given up years of smoking or just want to address naturally darker enamel, Nashville Dental Center has an option for everyone!

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Faster, Better Results

At Nashville Dental Center, we use professional-grade products and delivery methods that help you get the whitest smile possible. It’s a smart investment compared to using over-the-counter products that may take two or three kits to lighten your teeth by only a few shades. When you see our dentists for teeth whitening in Nashville, TN, you’ll know that you’re going to get the best results.

Why Whiten?

A brighter smile makes your teeth look younger and healthier. When you feel good about the way your smile looks, you’ll want to show it off more. But whitening is also important if you’re planning on getting cosmetic dental work done (such as white fillings, veneers, or crowns.) Why? Because your new restorations may need to be matched to the color of your adjacent teeth. It’s best to have a whiter color to match them against, as the restoration can’t be lightened later on.

In Office (Same Day Whitening) or Take Home Systems

Depending on your needs, schedule, and budget, we offer two types of teeth whitening treatments to choose from:

Same Day BrightSmile Whitening — When time matters most, book a one-hour appointment to have your teeth whitened right here in our office!

Custom Made Take Home Trays — Fitted to the unique curves and anatomy of your teeth, our professional-grade gel sits just inside of these custom trays to give you a brighter white in the convenience of your own home.

After your treatment, we’ll show you how to maintain the results so that your teeth can stay whiter, and longer. Schedule a consultation for teeth whitening in Nashville today!

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