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Whether it’s your first time to have a cavity or you need an old restoration replaced, Nashville Dental Center in Nashville, Tennessee is here to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

We use minimally invasive materials (like white, composite resin) for all of the fillings in Nashville, TN that we perform. Unlike metal amalgam, cosmetic fillings blend naturally with the color of your teeth and are mercury-free. They’re also less invasive to your enamel, making them better for your teeth and smile as a whole.

Do I Have a Cavity That Needs to be Filled?

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If you’re thinking about calling us to get a cavity filled, let us know if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

• Sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks (even juice or coffee)
• Tenderness when you’re biting down
• Feeling a rough area somewhere on the tooth
• Problems with food catching in a particular area at each meal

At the time of your visit, we’ll take a digital X-ray of your tooth to evaluate areas that might not be visible during the visual exam. Keeping your routine checkups twice a year can allow us to diagnose your cavity sooner so that the filling is smaller and less invasive to your tooth. In some cases, early demineralization can be reversed with fluoride treatment and re-vamped oral hygiene.

Don’t Put Your Dental Filling Off

It’s easy to delay getting your filling when nothing hurts. Tooth decay isn’t always painful, but it’s also not reversible. Once a cavity is there, it can only get larger. Delayed treatment may mean that the need for a filling eventually evolves into the need for a crown or even a root canal.

For cosmetic, minimally-invasive dental fillings in Nashville, call Nashville Dental Center. We’ll help you enjoy a healthy smile for life!

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