When you need a smile makeover — and you need it fast — it’s time to talk to our dentists about SnapOn Smile in Nashville, TN. With SnapOn Smile, you can get an instantly new “look” without scheduling multiple appointments, treatments, or months of dental work.

SnapOn Smile is a removable prosthesis that fits right over your natural teeth, instantly changing the way they look when you’re laughing, smiling, or need to make that great first impression.

A SnapOn Smile is ideal for situations like:

You may want to consider FASTBRACES to fix problems like:

• Individuals who need to phase out their dental treatments over time, but also need to address the way their teeth look
• Upcoming events such as weddings, job interviews, reunions, or situations where you need to look your best
• Fast aesthetic treatments without the price tag
• Short term solutions for more complex dental needs

Dentists Who Offer SnapOn Smile in Nashville, TN

At Nashville Dental Center, we know the needs of our patients are unique from one person to the next. That’s why we offer SnapOn Smiles. When you need to drastically improve the appearance of your teeth but you’re short on time or funds, SnapOn Smile is an ideal, short-term solution that can buy you time for other treatments further down the road.

All you need to get started is an exam and an impression of your teeth. If SnapOn Smile is right for you, we’ll use the model of your bite to have a customized, removable prosthesis made that snaps right over your natural teeth.

It’s important to remember that SnapOn Smiles are not a restorative treatment for active gum disease or tooth decay. Rather, they’re an affordable and short-term answer to cosmetic needs, when you need to boost your confidence to smile or talk around other people. Schedule your consultation today!